LLAMAS FOR SALE

Our females and their genetics have been selected for the finest micron, heavy annual prime fleece weight, reduced crimp silky and suri
phenotype.  Our older gals, as many experts in fiber producers will verify, can still produce fine silky/suri cria, and were such when young.
All females readily accept us handling their babies and are good mothers and milk producers.
All animals in our herd stand cooperatively  for shearing, our fiber is professionally processed into end products, and the mills still
mistake our fiber for "ALPACA" attesting to our fine quality fleeces even in our older animals.  Our herd reduction is your gain for a solid
genetic edge.

Most males we feel should be gelded for multiple use companions, and only the best personalities and  rarest in genotype and
phenotype meet the requirements as  herd sires for us.  We insist that our herd sires live amicably together and respect the personal
space of  humans that enter their pastures.  This makes them incredibly easy to handle when breeding.

All of our geldings have had some trail and packing experience
Our entire herd gets the training to cross water, maneuver bridges, stairs, trailers & tight spaces.  They graze/browse mountain crannies
and trails daily, return to the barn at night on their own.  The whole herd comes running off the mountain trails back down to us when we
call.   All are gentle with the tiniest of our grandchildren.  Our price list is updated regularly to reflect market changes.  Rest assured, our
prices and the genetic soundness of this herd will not be matched anywhere out there.

Name                                    Sex        DOB                             Reg.#             Price (updated 3/26/07)          Dam X Sire


Appsolutely                                   F      1/9/1996                       R165492        $1,600                 Estancia X Applause
Best Kept Woman                       F      3/16/1997                 *** pending        $1,600                 Beso me Mucho X Black Jade
Beso Me Mucho                           F      10/1/1993                   R#127253        $1,000                 Tap Tap X Vaquero
Black Coral                                   F      1/3/1990                      R# 74762            $400                 Atocha X Dr. Dithers
Black  Silk Obsession                F      10/27/1997                 R#203314          $300                  JMScoobi X Black Cloud of Bolivia
Cinnamon Buns                          F       1/1/1998                        pending        $1,200                 Powderpuff X
Cotton                                            F       Jan-99                           pending            $300                 Christmas Eve X Applause
Daffodil                                          F      11/30/1989                   R73710              $400                 Dalia X Bolero
Early Spring                                  F      11/21/1996                    pending         $2,000                 Spring Fever X Black Jade
Ferry Maiden                                 F      5/9/1997                      pending           $1,000                 Mandolina X Black Knight
Justasia                                         F     3/12/1991                    R100222             $700                 Tomallas Justina X Federico
Just Special                                  F     12/22/1992                  pending               $900                 Justasia X Dr. Dithers
Kimetoe                                         F     9/20/1993                   R116054           $2,000                 MT.V San Kimi X MT.V Chili Bol (Wooly Toes)
Chocolate Chip                            F     6/4/2001                       pending            $5,000                 Kimetoe X Standing Ovation
Penelope                                       F     1/1/1994                      R131932              $700                 Six Pence X Macho's Slush Fund
Platinum Princess                       F     5/26/1997                    pending            $1,000                 Blondie X Standing Ovation
Peruvian Evita                               F     12/10/1994                  R145917             $200                 Christmas Eve X Peruvian Senador
Sassafras                                      F     1/18/2001                    pending            $1,400                 Bauernheim's Sass 'N' Class X Black Cloud
Sassy (B..Sass N Class)           F      12/17/1993                 R124562            $700                  Bauernheim's Christina X Legend's Nemaha
She's a Doll                                  F      1/23/1995                     R145922            $900                 Twiggy X Macho's Slush Fund
Six Pence                                      F      5/10/1989                     R74326              $800                 Half Pence X Deacon's White Knight
Spring Fever                                 F      3/4/1994                      R121720          $1,800                 MGF Gypsy Woman X Silver Star's Debonair
Spun Silk                                       F      11/11/1993                  R131926            $900                 Blue Silk X Macho's Slush Fund
Tropical Delight                           F     2/28/1992                      R111082            $700                 Daffodil OHR X Tampico Bay
Boinga Curiosa                           F     1/23/1999                         pending        $2,000                Penelope X Standing Ovation

Black Ice                                       G     6/19/1990                     R#153554           $200                 Bauernheim's Black Knight son
Gone Fishin'                                G     1/15/1999                         pending            $200                 Spun Silk X Applause
Carmel Coffee                             G    2/24/2000                         pending            
SOLD                Kimetoe X Standing Ovation
Crème Carmelle                         G    12/24/1998                       pending            $400                 Six Pence X Standing Ovation
Chocolate Cherry                        G     1/9/                                    pending            $300                 Estancia X Applause
Cinco's Secret                             G     7/1/1990                           R82156             $200                 Shasta Cola X Cinco De Mayo
Katatutu                                        G     2/4/1996                          R165497            $400                 Daffodil OHR X Standing Ovation
TW                                                 G     1/1/1999                           pending             $300                 Estancia X Applause
Visarian                                        G     5/25/1997                       R188713             $200                 Obsidian Silk X Vivo De Bolivia

MALES (herd sires)

Silk Mop  (weanling)                  M      1/29/2007                         pending         $1,000                 Six Pence X Red Jade
Knight in Shining Armor           M       2/20/2000                         pending        $1,500                 Ferry Maiden X Standing Ovation
Jade's in Spades                      M        1/21/1997                        pending        $2,500                 Kimetoe X Black Jade
Red Jade                                    M        1/21/97                             pending        $1,500                 Beso Me Mucho X Black Jade

***NOTE:  we are updating/correcting our registry list , please bear with us.                                                                  

                               Llama Equipment &  Excess Spinning & Weaving equipment for sale

Refurbished red seat/black metal pony cart, altered to use with 1-2- or 3 llamas. Expensive articulating hardware.  Some minor
hardware adjustments still needed. Good find for the mechanically minded llama lover. (
Rustoleum protected black body, Red vinyl
cushioned seat. Excellent condition.)
Originally used in parades & children's parties in tandum with 2nd cart.  $100.    SOLD

Six used, functioning, galvanized Little Giant float regulated automatic waterers  $10ea.

One Arkfield hanging baby scale & sling, $15

One Hanson hanging scale & sling, weighs to 200#, $20

Three Cordura Cria Coats, water resistant cordura exterior, washable sheepskin interior, Velcro neck closure, Fastex belly closure,
several bright colors, Three cotton & sheepskin small cria coats.  $10 each

TWO  Circuiteer blowers, each with extension hoses, mounting bracket and boom, extra parts $100 ( wall-mounts or travels to shows,
essential for shows, grooming, bathing, fiber care)  

One complete set  Sopris Deluxe Packing System.  $425.
State of the art, best you can buy. Includes saddle, saddle pad (for kids to ride without the paniers), paniers, bedroll bags, rain shield,
plus matching halter and lead rope, inner gear bags, parts too numerous to mention.  *Like brand new, from one fastidious old lady who
loved to gear up her pack string in style and comfort.*

Three sets deluxe Fastex adjustable cooler harnesses fits Igloo Standard coolers/or 2 gourmet square buckets.  Each system fits the
Sopris Pack system saddle and most others on the market.  Excellent for keeping your fillets and other meats/fish cold/frozen. $25 each

One beautiful smooth functioning antique spinning wheel with extra spools and flax attachment, excellent condition.  $175

Antique 8 harness floor loom. Exterior width 52 inches, reed width 47 inches. Custom storage bench.  MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE.   
weaver's tools sold separately, too numerous to mention, inquire if interested.

Standard Knitting machines with ribbers, several other extra parts, needles, beds, weights, tools.  $150 takes the collection.

Box of interesting collectibles gathered over a quarter century of llama living.& loving.
Must come see. Gifts, books, long history.   Will share/gift with purchases.