RANCHO MACHU PICCHU, a family owned working llama
ranch, provides llamas, consultation on llama ownership,
care and llama products.  

Here is your opportunity to OWN LLAMAS.  We will help
you carry on the experience and expertise of 25 years of
llama breeding, birthing, training and care.
We have Awesome Animals....RMP is where you will find a
vast selection of whatever kind of llama you are looking
for at very reasonable prices.  We have insisted on
breeding registered animals with sound genetics, top
quality breeding stock and many are multipurpose as
guard animals, silent brush clearance teams, packing
strings and individual companions as well.
Come visit us now for the best selection of these gentle
responsive creatures that far surpass any other
companion in beauty, elegance, intelligence and calming

Rancho Machu Picchu has been in the llama business
since 1981.  it's quarter century of ethical  breeding
practices and well known customer support have made
them the right choice when you want to buy a llama.